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A first of it's kind collaboration between NVIDIA (TM) and G8 Brand (TM) has created a revolutionary LAN Hoodie that gives as good as it gets. Featuring an assortment of winning features, this thick, fashionable hoodie is both beauty and beast. 

Its hard to keep your game tame when you rock with the Limited Edition NVIDIA by G8 LAN Hoodie. Designed to meet the needs of LAN-party gamers, this hoodie features Hot Hands technology , three-way options for wrist/hand wear, and grommets for hiding iPod or MP3 headphone wires. 

Special pockets to place Little Hotties hand-warming heat packs will help gamers stay warm in freezing LAN center conditions.

Choose the fingerless gloves option, the thumb glove option, or to fold up the glove and tuck in for traditional hoodie wear.

Grommets enable wearers to thread their iPod or MP3 headset wires through the hoodie.
All NVIDIA by G8 LAN Hoodies come with a free pair of Little Hotties hand warmers.