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Sebastian "Chosen1" Burton - Professional gamer since 2007

    From a humbling  beggining  at just 14 years old to becoming one of the youngest "Dead or Alive 4" pros ever, Sebastian "Chosen1" Burton has evolved into one of competitive gaming's most well known and respected leaders. 
    However, professional gaming is not a boundary for Chosen, but rather an outlet for his creativity and passion. Also well known for his alternative hip-hop music that is influenced by the gamer lifestyle, his passion for the gaming lifestyle is only matched by his drive to spread it to the world.
    "Gamerswagg" is a clothing line for the fashionably creative mind. Influenced by the "Generation Y" lifestyle, it's a style crafted by a "Gamer" with complete reguard for those who aren't gamers. Comfortable colorful, vibrant and stylish, its gear for the Playstation  as well as the party. Clothes for the "cool" kids and the "nerds", blurring the proverbial line, crafting a new style that's unlike anything the world has seen before.

      "Creativity defines who we are and how we paint our lives canvass', How will you be remembered? Gamerswagg, 50% Gamer, 50% Swagg, 110% clean."



  • 15+ Madden 10 Tournament championships
  • Top Dead or Alive 4 player
  • World Cyber Games Team USA TOP 25 QUALIFIER. (Dead or Alive)
  • UFC Undisputed  2009 champion
  • Syfy WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2 contestant
  • Dead or Alive Dimensions Us vs Japan winner (Team USA vs Team Japan)
  • Call of duty Friday Night fights Competitor
  • Pro gaming commentator
  • Pro gaming shoutcaster
  • Host for media company "KonsoleKingz"

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