Mass Luminosity v3.0 T-Shirt

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The new Mass Luminosity version 3.0 t-shirt is our most ambitious apparel project yet! The v3.0 premium t-shirt captures the best of the three previous sold out generations: a matte black color (from v1.0), bright glow-in-the-dark icon and lettering (from v2.0) and a subtle velvety cotton (from v2.5).  

"We knew from the beginning that Mass Luminosity was a unique community of gamers, but to be a witness to such explosive growth has been an unprecedented experience for us. We partnered with Mass Luminosity less than a year ago, when they had only about 10,000 fans or so, and now they seem to be quickly racing to 500,000 fans. Most impressively their community is totally positive, engaged and powerful.  We at G8 Brand are honored to have been chosen as the exclusive branding apparel company for the Mass Luminosity community and are excited to be trusted with the release of v3.0!"  
-Carlo Ortega, General Manager at G8 Brand
"With every release we strive to outdo our previous efforts and our fans seem to have realized this because from version 1.0 to the most recent 2.5, we've shattered long held G8 partner sales records by completely selling out in record time. I am certain that with v3.0 we've created our greatest t-shirt to date and that our fans worldwide will be thrilled and proud to own one.
-Angel Munoz, CEO at Mass Luminosity
Description of symbol: The t-shirts feature the trademark Mass Luminosity 'human power icon'. The 'human power icon' is a unique combination of the 'power symbol' - the international symbol indicating that a control activates or deactivates a particular electronic device and the 'Helvetica man' - a symbol originally designed in 1974 for the U.S. Department of Transportation to represent a human.



*100% combed ring spun cotton

*Not pre-shrunk