Los Angeles, CA (August 21, 2007) – Gaming has irrepressibly become a lifestyle all it’s own for millions of young people around the world. With the rapid global explosion of gaming, there has been an increasing need for gamers to have a clothing line expresses their unique personality and lifestyle. Until now, gamers have had to borrow their style from other industries, like action sports and urban/ streetwear brands. G8 has set out to create the first line of original clothing for gamers. The G8 brand line will debut at the United Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV August 27-29, 2007.

Throughout the years, gamers have developed their own subculture, vocabulary, and unique lifestyle. As the gaming community has grown, there has been more and more of a need for gamers to create their own identity. G8 has created an innovative line that pays homage to their gaming industry roots, while still maintaining the integrity of a premium fashion brand with wide-ranging appeal.

G8 brand’s first collection will upload some style to the stereotypically outmoded image of the gaming community. This line of t-shirts and accessories caters to a wide range of gamers and enthusiasts, with styles ranging from classic, nostalgic gaming properties of 80’s, to remarkable graphic artwork images that were actually created by video game concept artists. Though the line was primarily designed with gamers in mind, the design sensibility and creativity is so innovative that it sure to capture the attention of tastemakers and trendsetters outside of the gaming market, as well.

In the past couple of years, the growth of the gaming industry has been astounding, as we have seen gaming become a subculture all it’s own,” said Tony Crisp, owner or founder of G8. “Similar to the evolution of skateboarding, in the way that it transcended a mere hobby and became a sport, gaming has developed it’s own set of professionals like Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel, yet there is no apparel for them to identify as their own. These kids spend more time playing video games than doing action sports, yet they wear action sports gear for lack of their own identifiable brand. We feel that the G8 brand will “Crash the System” and give gamers a brand all their own; One that they can identify with and be a part of.

The G8 brand looks to change perceptions about gamers. Once thought to only be an activity for loner 16-year old boys, video gaming revenues have eclipsed $35 Billion, more than twice the revenues of the NBA, NFL, and Major League Baseball combined. This fact alone illustrates the broad ranging appeal of gaming worldwide. The G8 brand will help to change the old perception of gamers and show that they have style all their own; one that others outside the gaming world will want to emulate.

Already, G8 has set their sights on capturing the attention of competitive gamers. Next month, the brand will introduce a special signature series, featuring four designs by some of the world’s most well known players in the gaming industry.

The G8 brand collection will feature all limited edition pieces and is available on G8brand.com.

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