About Us


Over the last 10 years G8 has provided the highest quality gaming T’s and Hoodies to the best of the best in the gaming community. Nvidia, Linus Tech Tips, and Complexity to name a few. G8 was founded with the belief that gamers need clothing too, and to this day we strive to provide the highest quality, to those that demand it. Join the movement, Crash The System.

G8 Brand is the official global apparel sponsor and licensee for Complexity, North America's premiere professional gaming organization.

G8 sponsors professional gamers in WoW, CS 1.6, Quake Live, TF2, Madden, COD, Guitar Hero, and FIFA.

Innovative products for gamers: LAN Hoodies, LAN Bags, Team Jerseys, T's, Thermals, Beenies, Caps, Wristbands, and Custom PC Travel Cases.