Mass Luminosity Official T-Shirt

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Beyond just a commercial logo the Mass Luminosity community will soon have a global symbol. CEO, Angel Munoz, conceived this new symbol for the community to represent a diversity of concepts. 

Here's a quote from him: "Our new community symbol is the combination of a 'power' and 'human' icon. I was looking for a way to represent Mass Luminosity's recognition that power flows from people, and that our community empowers people from all over the world to express, participate and engage. Also I liked the concept of turning people on to a new global community united by its love of technology and respect of human diversity." 

Very soon the community members will be able to wear this new power symbol on the first official Mass Luminosity t-shirt and fly their colors all around the world.

"We are here to change the world, by creating a global family of power people that are unafraid of the impossible." - A. Munoz



100% cotton 

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